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There has never been a more important time to launch a career in energy. Governments, businesses and individuals around the world are thinking about, and responding to, global energy needs and challenges. It is clear the world cannot rely on hydrocarbons forever, but the solutions of tomorrow are not yet practical for everyone, especially those living in remote or extreme environments. While humanity drives toward a cleaner tomorrow, decarbonization must come from every angle, and cannot be at the expense of existing communities. Our team is committed to providing the cleanest fuel and lubricant solutions available, within the physical and economic realities of the markets we serve. We are equally committed to advancing intelligent, reasonable energy policies that help deliver a clean and balanced planet to future generations.

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A Values Driven Workforce

NorthStar’s core values are Cohesion, Commitment, Courage and Personal Agency. We know our differences are what make us strongest, and a culture of cohesion is how we bring different mindsets and backgrounds together to create the best solutions for our customers. We commit to our employees and customers, to the communities we serve, and to the stunning environments in which we operate. We have the courage to see things through and to stand up to what doesn’t seem right. Every single employee is empowered to exercise personal agency, whether that means solving a problem, cleaning up a mess, or exercising Stop Work Authority if something feels unsafe.

If you’re passionate about our vision & values, like to work hard and are humble, join us!

Committed to Safety

Your safety is our first priority. Whether working in the field or in the office, a

culture of safety requires us all to function as one team to ensure safety is

continually practiced every day.


About NorthStar Energy

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NorthStar Energy is a future-focused energy holding company with operating businesses

in Alaska and Hawaii. NorthStar Energy companies provide critical fuel and lubricant

solutions to residential, commercial and government customers. Experienced leadership

specializes in managing the complexity of delivering fuel to remote locations.

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