Delta Western Petroleum

Delta Western’s Global Sourcing Advantage in Alaska

Delta Western was formed in 1984 to provide fuel for ships, planes and vehicles along the Western Alaska coast line and Yukon River, with a fueling station in Dutch Harbor.  It was acquired into the Saltchuk family of companies in 2000, marking Saltchuk’s entry into petroleum distribution. Today, Delta Western is one of Alaska’s leading independent distributors of petroleum products and lubricants, with fuel terminals in Western and Southeast Alaska, and a methanol terminal in Anchorage.  Delta Western delivers an average of 200 million gallons of fuel annually in Alaska and employs approximately 150 people.  Delta Western is proud to provide vital energy resources in support of communities, individuals, and Alaska’s most essential industries.

Agile and Future Focused

In its drive to meet and exceed its customer demands, Delta Western has a track record of agile and innovative fuel solutions.  In anticipation of IMO 2020 regulations, Delta Western proactively transitioned customers from marine fuel oil to ULSD well in advance of the global deadline and has advised commercial customers on impending market conditions that will likely have financial and operational implications for their businesses. Leveraging relationships with the importers of fuel into Alaska, Delta Western can source and acquire fuel into our system on an emergency notice if needed.

Alaska Markets Served

  • Western Alaska: Tanker imports, terminal storage, barge, truck delivery, truck rack, retail gas, packaged product.
  • Southeast Alaska: Terminal storage, barge, truck delivery, truck rack, retail gas, packaged product.
  • Anchorage-Fairbanks Road System (dba Inlet Energy) : Truck delivery, retail gas, packaged product.
  • North Slope (in partnership with Northern Oilfield Solutions): Terminal storage, truck delivery, retail gas, packaged product, methanol supply.

Customer Segments

  • Military: US Coast Guard and Department of Defense
  • Oil & Gas Exploration
  • Fishing
  • Mining
  • Tourism
  • Small Communities
  • Transportation: Automotive, Aviation and Marine
  • Construction
  • Government
  • Electric Utility
  • Jobbers supplying Canadian Markets

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NorthStar Energy

NorthStar Energy companies provide critical fuel and lubricants to commercial, retail and government customers in Alaska and Hawaii.


A state-wide distribution network for globally sourced fuels and lubricants.


The largest inidependent fuel and lubricant distributor in Hawaii’s outer islands.


Growing toward a future we would be proud for our children to inherit.

Committed to Safety

Your safety is our first priority. Whether working in the field or in the office, a

culture of safety requires us all to function as one team to ensure safety is

continually practiced every day.


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NorthStar Energy is a future-focused energy holding company with operating businesses

in Alaska and Hawaii. NorthStar Energy companies provide critical fuel and lubricant

solutions to residential, commercial and government customers. Experienced leadership

specializes in managing the complexity of delivering fuel to remote locations.

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