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Alaska’s Energy Network

Three complimentary businesses make up NorthStar Energy’s Alaska fuel and lubricant distribution network.  Together they operate 9 terminal sites and supply fuel through strategic partnerships to other marine import terminals around the State.  NorthStar businesses serve individuals and industries throughout Alaska with operations in Western and Southeast Alaskan coastal communities, along the road system, and in the uniquely harsh conditions of Alaska’s final frontier: the North Slope.

Delta Western is one of Alaska’s leading independent distributors of petroleum products and lubricants to military, commercial, government, utilities and residential customers.  On average, Delta Western distributes approximately 200 Million gallons of fuel annually in Alaska and is the primary supplier of Methanol from a terminal in the Port of Anchorage.

Inlet Energy is the leading marketer of lubricants and related products, and provides bulk fuel to the road system from the Kenai Peninsula to the North Slope. The Inlet team has the most certified lubrication and oil analysis professionals in the state.

Northern Oilfield Solutions is located in Prudhoe Bay and specializes in providing fuel and operating solutions to exploration, development and climate research customers on the North Slope and in Kotzebue.


Global Sourcing Advantage

NorthStar Energy globally sources multiple products by chartering import tankers to deliver fuel into its terminal network.  Using global indexes benchmarked to local markets, Delta Western provides pricing structures that take advantage of market differentials to offer customers highly competitive terms compared to market rates. Established supply agreements along with logistics and midstream assets combined with a large existing customer base uniquely position Delta Western and Northern Oilfield Solutions to meet customer spikes in demand on short notice.


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NorthStar Energy companies provide critical fuel and lubricants to commercial, retail and government customers in Alaska and Hawaii.

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