Hawaii Petroleum

Under second generation family leadership, Hawaii Petroleum is committed to serving the communities in which it operates, always living up to its core value – the Hawaiian word Pono, meaning righteous. The Hawaii Petroleum family of companies comprise Ohana Fuels, Hawaii Fueling Network (HFN), and Minit Stop convenience stores. Together these businesses market and distribute petroleum products throughout Maui and the Big Island while providing retail convenience items and food that caters to the local population.  The Hawaii Fueling Network (HFN) includes over 20 commercial card-lock stations on Maui and the Big Island, allowing commercial users and members of small businesses to receive significant gas discounts through their HFN membership. Hawaii Petroleum also provides bunkering services on Maui and the Big Island, distributing an average of 50 million gallons of fuel annually.  Minit Stop is widely recognized for having the best fried chicken in the state.


Hawaii Petroleum:

Experienced providers of bulk fuels and lubricants to the outer islands.  Hawaii Petroleum also provides marine fuel at Hilo Harbor, Island of Hawaii and Kahului Harbor, Island of Maui.


Hawaii Fuel Network:

HFN’s proprietary Fueling Card is accepted at over 20 cardlock locations and Ohana Fuels retail stations, offering a discount program designed for both businesses and individuals.


Ohana Fuels:

Named for the Hawaiian word “family”, Ohana fuels is a community and family-centric retail fuel business with 11 stations on the Island of Hawaii and 8 on Maui. Ohana Fuel stations provide TOP TIERTM gasoline and a portion of all gasoline sales are donated to local charities and non-profits. To date the ‘Fuel up. Do good.’ program has contributed over $300,000 in the outer islands.


Minit Stop:

Minit Stop combines community and convenience to offer local customers a place to fuel up, spend time, and enjoy community-catered cuisine, including the best fried chicken in Hawaii.  Minit Stop first opened its doors  in 1982 and pioneered the first self-serve gas station on Maui. More than just a place to pump gas, Hawaii Petroleum hosts a hub for everyone to enjoy- sort of like your one-stop-neighborhood-shop.


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NorthStar Energy

NorthStar Energy companies provide critical fuel and lubricants to commercial, retail and government customers in Alaska and Hawaii.


A state-wide distribution network for globally sourced fuels and lubricants.


The largest inidependent fuel and lubricant distributor in Hawaii’s outer islands.


Growing toward a future we would be proud for our children to inherit.

Committed to Safety

Your safety is our first priority. Whether working in the field or in the office, a

culture of safety requires us all to function as one team to ensure safety is

continually practiced every day.


About NorthStar Energy

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NorthStar Energy is a future-focused energy holding company with operating businesses

in Alaska and Hawaii. NorthStar Energy companies provide critical fuel and lubricant

solutions to residential, commercial and government customers. Experienced leadership

specializes in managing the complexity of delivering fuel to remote locations.

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