Northern Oilfield Solutions

Northern Oilfield Solutions, LLC.  (NOS) provides fuel, lubricants, water, methanol and related support services to customers on the North Slope.  Now in its fifth decade, NOS has deep experience meeting the unique challenges of resource and development operations in the Arctic.



In 1973 NANA Regional Corporation was started.  From Alaska’s North Slope to the Gulf of Mexico, their companies provide offshore platform operations and maintenance, facilities design and construction fabrication, engineering and project management, and indigenous engagement. In 1975, NANA created NANA Oilfield Services, Inc. (NOSI) to provide North Slope producers and contractors with diesel, gasoline and aviation fuels, along with Chevron lubricants that keep equipment in optimum running condition, even when temperatures dip to minus 50 degrees and wind chill factors of minus 80.


NOSI’s strategically located 11-acre oilfield service complex near Deadhorse made it an attractive compliment to NorthStar Energy’s existing terminal and distribution network. Saltchuk purchased NOSI in 2016 and welcomed it into the NorthStar Energy family of Alaska businesses. In 2019, NOSI formally changed its name to Northern Oilfield Solutions.


Part of the NorthStar Energy Family

Today NOS serves North Slope customers as a part of the cohesive NorthStar Energy network.  Deep experience in North Slope operations and bulk fuel and lubricant delivery is now augmented by expert mindshare from Inlet Energy’s renowned team of Certified Lubrication Specialists (CLS) and Oil Monitoring Analysts (OMA). Customers can also go through NOS to purchase methanol imported to Alaska’s only methanol terminal, operated by sister company Delta Western in the Port of Anchorage.

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NorthStar Energy

NorthStar Energy companies provide critical fuel and lubricants to commercial, retail and government customers in Alaska and Hawaii.


A state-wide distribution network for globally sourced fuels and lubricants.


The largest inidependent fuel and lubricant distributor in Hawaii’s outer islands.


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Your safety is our first priority. Whether working in the field or in the office, a

culture of safety requires us all to function as one team to ensure safety is

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NorthStar Energy is a future-focused energy holding company with operating businesses

in Alaska and Hawaii. NorthStar Energy companies provide critical fuel and lubricant

solutions to residential, commercial and government customers. Experienced leadership

specializes in managing the complexity of delivering fuel to remote locations.

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