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The Energy Story

Around the globe, people are reassessing their relationship with energy consumption and the fuels that power their lives. At the same time, fuel itself is evolving. The fuels of today are far from the fuels of recent history, providing efficiencies that are critical to global health.

NorthStar believes businesses must commit to making modern and future fuels available to all communities, even the most remote.  Although alternative fuels have been around for twenty years, they are still in their infancy, which means enormous opportunity: opportunity to develop new markets, introduce different fuels, and create alternative power generation, all with an eye toward a cleaner future.

NorthStar’s Role

Over the next few decades, the world will transition away from hydrocarbons, finding a more balanced and sustainable energy supply.  NorthStar operates in communities in Alaska and Hawaii that don’t yet have access to affordable, viable alternatives.  This is why we plan to use NorthStar Energy’s integral position in niche markets to lead the way in energy innovation and decarbonization.  We will guide our customers to the future of fuel while navigating the complexities of remote geographies and economies.

NorthStar Energy and our operating companies belong to Seattle-based Saltchuk, one of Washington State’s largest privately held companies. With an eye for opportunity and a single-minded vision—to create a family of companies where all employees would feel proud for their children to work—Saltchuk was born. At its heart, Saltchuk is the best of a family business: grounded in trust and managed for the long-term. A family of companies where every employee and every customer is valued as an integral branch of the family tree. And at its core, Saltchuk stands for integrity and commitment to the remote communities it serves.

With future generations always front of mind, Saltchuk repositioned its petroleum distribution line of business into a forward-thinking energy holding company in 2018, rebranding NorthStar Petroleum into NorthStar Energy.  Once a story of preservation, NorthStar now commits to writing a new story: one of transformation.


NorthStar Energy

NorthStar Energy companies provide critical fuel and lubricants to commercial, retail and government customers in Alaska and Hawaii.


A state-wide distribution network for globally sourced fuels and lubricants.


The largest inidependent fuel and lubricant distributor in Hawaii’s outer islands.


Growing toward a future we would be proud for our children to inherit.

Committed to Safety

Your safety is our first priority. Whether working in the field or in the office, a

culture of safety requires us all to function as one team to ensure safety is

continually practiced every day.


About NorthStar Energy

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NorthStar Energy is a future-focused energy holding company with operating businesses

in Alaska and Hawaii. NorthStar Energy companies provide critical fuel and lubricant

solutions to residential, commercial and government customers. Experienced leadership

specializes in managing the complexity of delivering fuel to remote locations.

A Saltchuk Company




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